Headquartered near the nation’s busiest ports, Los Angeles and Long Beach, California – Mayor Logistics Inc.  maintains strong port alliances, which is a benefit we pass on to every client.

As a local Port drayage entity, Mayor Logistics, Inc. has experienced noteworthy growth in the industry. We believe our growth is due to our exceptional service provided to our customers and our ability to service all markets in Southern California.

Within the past year, Mayor Logistics, Inc. has established a strong Professional Services team that is equipped to service the Western States, Texas and New York/New Jersey.

You can always rely on Mayor Logistics, Inc. for safe pickup and delivery of all your critical assets.

Whether your freight demands require rail or truck service, door-to-door or coast-to-coast we are the partner for you.

Who we are as founders

With deep family roots as Longshoreman and Terminal Operator’s, it was only right that we complete the puzzle by becoming a national motor carrier. Our Founder Michael has found a way to piece together the vast network of Ports, Warehouses and Transportation lanes needed to efficiently move your cargo. We combine the knowledge of old school values and cutting edge technology.

Who we are as employees

MAYOR LOGISTICS INC. is proud to offer our superior Employees in quality and service. With over 15 years of experience in the transport business, we focus on freight shipments both in the East and West U.S.

We use our expertise to get bottom-line results through over-the-road, intermodal and drayage, heavy haul, flatbed and other specialized carrier services.


Who we are as drivers

ETHICAL    Always do the right thing

ACCOUNTABILITY   Know your responsibilities



Our dedication to excellence doesn’t quit..